Absolution v1.1 available

An updated version of Absolution, compatible with phpBB 3.0.10 is now available.

Absolution has been overhauled and updated, and is now compatible with phpBB 3.0.10. The update has significantly de-cluttered the original Absolution style, as well as adding some fresh appearance and increased usability. There are a number of changes I’d still like to make to the style before it’s fully “complete”, however I’m sufficiently happy with it at the moment to release.

Where to download

Currently, the only place to download the updated version is here . You can also download it by clicking the big pink button above.

I am currently waiting for phpBB.com, phpbb3styles.net and awesomestyles.com to update their hosted versions of the style.

How do I update?

Given the huge amount of changes, there is no update file. The only way to update the style would be to overwrite your current Absolution style and refresh Absolution’s imageset, theme and template in the ACP’s “Styles” tab. This is a far from ideal situation for those with a large number of MODs, however there was little that could be done to avoid this.


Support can be obtained by emailing me through the contact page. Due to the large volume of emails I receive I cannot guarantee a reply, though I will do my best to reply to most problems.