One way of improving a 4GB HP Thin client computer display is by having it hooked to a modern widescreen Acer monitor.


Simple global notices

Ever needed to inform your users of something, but not wanted to post a full announcement? Displaying a simple coloured message in the header of your site is a great way to do this. Complete with “close” icon, supported by cookies.


Collapsible Categories with Cookies

Collapsible categories are a great way of letting your users choose their favourite parts of the forum, and hide the rest. Supported by cookies this script stores and remembers the user’s preference.


Live Signature Character Counter

Use this script to display a real-time indication of your signature limit, and how many characters you have remaining. You will be prevented from entering any more characters once you reach 0. Prosilver and Prosilver-based styles only.


Add code between categories

Ever wanted to add your own code “between” categories on your forum? Whether you want to display adverts, a message to your members or something else, it is easily achievable with these few template edits. Prosilver and Prosilver-based styles only.


Replace login link with form on-click

This ridiculously small script will, when clicked, fade out the login link and fade in a quick login form. Inspired by MyBB. Prosilver and Prosilver-based styles only.


Forum-Specific Search forms on index.php

Ever wanted to search a specific category for a post or topic? Follow this tutorial to add forms to each of your categories and quickly search the respective forums. Prosilver-based styles only.